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Hey guys! I’m open for commissions! :bademoticon: Please read this carefully and if you have any questions don’t mind to ask.



  • I only accept Paypal PayPal bullet 
  • I’ll start working once I get the full payment, not before.
  • I do mostly realistic portraits. I work from photo reference.
  • If it is from a person in your family, friend, etc. you’ll have to send me a big resolution photo.
  • If it is someone famous, have in mind that I’ll only work with free commercial use photograph. It’s important for me to respect the rights of other artist. If you have trouble finding a free commercial use photo let me now and I’ll try to find one for you.
  • I’ll keep all rights of my creation, such as to display it and/or offer prints of it. I’ll credit you in the description if it’s an original character. All my drawings will have my personal signature. You can share them publicly but you have to credit me and removal of my signature it's NOT ALLOWED.
  • Commissions are for personal use only. Email me for commercial freelance work at Email Send


I do:
Realistic portraits.
Realistic animal portraits.
Simple backgrounds.
Original character of your invention.

I do not do:
Manga/anime/comic style


This are the prices:

Black and white in pencil: $30
Color in watercolor: $35
Color in pastel: $45

Male portrait 1 - Retrato masculino 1 by VTAbdala Megan Fox by VTAbdala Morgan - Eva Green by VTAbdala

Bust and waist:
Black and white in pencil: $40
Color in watercolor: $45
Color in pastel: $55
Eddie Vedder, portrait - Retrato by VTAbdala Male Portrait 2- Retrato Masculino 2 by VTAbdala

Full body:
Black and white in pencil: $55
Color in watercolor: $60
Color in pastel: $70

And this is what I need from you:
  • The email that Paypal send you for the payment.
  • Commission type (portrait, full body, etc)
  • Photo for reference, name of the celebrity, and any other image you consider necessary.
  • Description. Try to give any detail you consider important.


The process of work is this:

  •  I get the payment.
  • If it’s an original character, I make a rough sketch for you to approve. Once I get your approval, there is no possibility of further change. If it’s a portrait with photo reference there’s no sketch.
  • I take between 1 and 3 weeks to make the piece from the moment you approve the sketch.
  • If there’s any delay, I’ll let you now.


Please feel free to ask any question. Cheers!

Hello! As you can see, I am new on deviantART. I'll be uploading material, new and old, from my work as an illustrator, and art works and drawings I did the past few years. Wish me luck!
¡Hola! Como verán, soy nueva en deviantART. Iré subiendo material, viejo y nuevo, de mi trabajo como ilustradora, y de las obras plásticas y dibujos que hice los últimos años. ¡Deséenme suerte!
  • Listening to: Metallica
  • Drinking: Coffee, as usual.